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Admin Guide 1.3.x

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Installation Spice-Client

To install the spice client on a local machine follow this links:

Adding new ISO-Files to the FOSS-Cloud

For uploading ISO-Files see Upload ISO File

Profile for 32bit edition of Windows 7

When creating the profile for the 32bit edition of Windows 7 make sure that you select windows/default/x86_64 and not windows/default/i686. Otherwise Windows will not shut down properly but reboot instead (in fact it will display a blue screen and then usually reboot because that is the default action after a blue screen).

  • If your Windows 7 is not receiving a IP address from dhcp disable all in "Netzwerk und Internet → Netzwerk- und Freigabecenter → LAN-Verbindung → Eigenschaften → Konfigurieren → Erweitert"
  • Disable all fuctions as power saving, screensaver and so on.